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Il Fiocco Bomboniere Factory: a beautiful place

Laura, a 20 year experienced lady in the world of fashion and beauty, has developed into a fascinating Roman residence, Palazzo Borghese, a corner of luxury and style, where each customer can feel like a royal guest, named Il Fiocco.

Il Fiocco is a Rome based factory specialising in Wedding Bomboniere, Christening, personalised Bomboniere, Table Plans, Flower Design, Anniversaries or any other Celebration where a small thank you gift is required for the guests. In the Showroom clients can find the exclusive hand made creations.Great attention is given to research the most exclusive materials such as fabrics, which come from Italy and from France, worldwide known as the capital of fashion.

Please make an appointment to view our complete collection, calling +39 3348966343. Il Fiocco Bamboniere Factory, Palazzo Borghese, Largo della Fontanella Borghese, 19 Rome.

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